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​ Introducing adolescents to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith.​


What is Young Life?

Young life is a Christian ministry that reaches out to Middle School, High School, and College aged kids in all 50 of the United States as well as more than 100 countries around the world. ​ For more information, please visit ​ About Young Life.

When will centennial area young life officially get started?

That depends on you! ​ We are working diligently to invite local adults to give, pray, and serve in order to get young life started for the students of Centennial. Once we raise an initial $85,000 we will start our search for a full-time Area Director who will lead this ministry for our local kids. Please consider becoming a financial supporter of Centennial Area Young Life!

How does Young Life work together with local churches?

Working with the local church is important to Young Life. Although congregations can minister in ways we can’t, Young Life has inroads in communities with kids who are disinterested in church. As Young Life staff and leaders care for these kids, we try to help them become lifelong followers of Jesus Christ who will one day be active in the life of a local church.​ For more information, please read Young Life’s approach to Church Relationships.

​ What does Young Life believe?

Please take the time to read Young Life’s Statement of Faith.

How is Young Life funded?

Young Life is a non-profit organization, funded through the donations of individuals, foundations and businesses. The overwhelming majority of funding comes from individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of kids in their local communities. The most recent Annual Report​ offers more detailed information about Young Life’s fundraising and finances.

Can I be involved in Young Life as an adult?

Absolutely. Centennial Area Young Life would love for you to consider joining our Start-up Team, becoming a donor, or possibly signing up as a volunteer leader who spends time with our local kids.

WHy are we starting centennial area young life?

​ Our start-up team of local adults is working to establish Young Life because we believe each Middle and High School student in our community deserves a safe place where they can have fun, experience unconditional acceptance, and learn about God's love and plan for their lives.

Do students who are already connected to a local church get involved in Young Life?

Absolutely. Since Young Life is designed for students who have no church or religious background, it offers an easy way for Christian students to introduce their friends to Jesus. Young Life is a whole lot of fun, so kids from all backgrounds love to get involved.

What kinds of students are involved in Young Life?

It’s for everyone. It’s a place to talk about surviving school, break-ups, parents, bad grades or God. WyldLife​ is Young Life’s ministry to middle school students. High schoolers can enjoy Young Life. Young Life also offers Young Life College, groups for military kids (Young Life Military), teen moms (YoungLives) and special needs kids (Capernaum).

Is Young Life allowed in schools since there’s a separation of church and state?

We only visit our school-age friends during school hours by invitation or permission from school administrators. Our policy is to respect the authority of the school and work within the guidelines set for campus access.

How are my donations used by Young Life?

83% of any gifts you make to Young Life stay right in your local area to support the ministry to kids there. The other 17%, known as the service charge, is sent to the Young Life Service Center and to the area’s corresponding regional office to fund technical and administrative services that serve local areas.

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